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Volunteer Opportunities

Our criteria to become a volunteer is that you are unemployed and also have barriers or support needs in accessing mainstream services. e.g you have a learning/physical disability, mental health issues, are a carer, lone parent etc.

If you would be interested in our volunteer opportunities, please get in touch with us and we can provide you with more details.

Volunteer Personal Experiences

Elaine, Volunteer therapist

I first started attending the Hub weekly from April 2015.  I was low in mood, low in self-esteem and in a lot of pain. Although I knew some of the people and volunteers there it took me a while to “come out of my shell” a bit.  The volunteer therapists were fantastic.  They not only made me feel amazing after my treatment but the interaction and fun they all had really encouraged me to go back every week. In fact, I built my week around it.

It was not only the treatments I got benefit from, it was spending time with all the volunteers who were so encouraging that I began to believe in myself more.  

It really changed my life.  I always looked forward to going.  The girls then “planted the seed” that maybe I could be trained to become a volunteer therapist too.  At first I laughed it off but every week as my confidence grew, they knew it was the right time for me.  I went for it! I am now trained in Reiki , Swedish massage and Indian Head Massage.

My mood is now so much better.  My confidence has grown more than I ever could have imagined.  Now when I meet people in the street I am so much more positive than I used to be. For me to help someone now by offering and giving a treatment is amazing.  If I can help anyone feel just a little bit better, then it’s great, I love it!

To me, becoming a volunteer has really changed my life.  I have made some really great friends; the volunteers are all so very kind hearted people. Becoming a volunteer therapist myself and being able to help anyone is one of the most important things in my life.  I am a totally changed person and I have lots of confidence now and take more care of myself physically and mentally.

I will never be able to thank the Hub enough.  I tell everyone that! My life has changed in every was it possibly could.

Norma, Volunteer Therapist

Before volunteering, I felt isolated and stuck in a rut.  Since I started volunteering, I have felt my confidence come back and I have met lots of friendly people.  I have formed good friendships with other volunteers.  Through volunteering I have been lucky enough to be trained in other therapies such as Indian Head Massage and I am a mental health first aider too. I wouldn’t have achieved this if I hadn’t been a volunteer.

Liz, Volunteer therapist

I came to volunteering at a time when I was just coming out of a period of prolonged illness, during which I often felt isolated and despondent. Working as a volunteer therapist with the Health and Wellness Hub has played a significant part in my recovery, helping me reconnect with life and putting me back in touch with the therapy work I love and which I missed greatly during my illness.

It has also introduced me to some wonderful, caring, supportive people – therapists, clients and other Hub users and helped me feel part of life again. I have greatly enjoyed the company, I love the support of my fellow therapists and working with clients who show up each week for a therapy.

Being part of the team has made me feel valued and worthwhile.  I am so glad of the opportunity to practise my therapies in such a warm, caring environment (and we have great fun as well!) and now feel confident again in my skills and abilities, not only as a therapist, but as a human being and part of the community I live in. Being able to commit to that community has been a fulfilling, eye-opening experience which has altered my perspective of life and helped me towards being the person I more want to be.

Kate, Volunteer Therapist / Volunteer Walk Leader

I really enjoy working with the Hub, the treatment I do, Reiki can make you feel you are helping each service user and that makes me feel good. The girls I work with are really kind and caring and they are there as a friend. Everyone is so helpful in the Hub and I feel good.  I feel a lot better than I did, I was really down before I worked in the Hub and now I feel so much happier.

Volunteer FAQ’s

How do I become a volunteer?

Volunteer Development Programme

Volunteers are service users within the community health hubs who have been accessing services for at least 8 weeks.  Our criteria to become a volunteer is that you are unemployed and also have barriers or support needs in accessing mainstream services. (e.g you have a learning/physical disability, mental health issues, are a carer, lone parent etc) If you have been identified as a potential volunteer, you are required to have a Disclosure Scotland check (PVG) done.  You must also provide us with 2 referees who know you well but are not related to you or live in your household.  Once you are fully trained, you can start volunteering in a Community Health Hub.  Your progression is monitored throughout to ensure a positive destination is achieved at the end of your volunteering experience.

Will my benefits be affected when I am volunteering?

You can still volunteer when you are in receipt of benefits but if you are receiving ESA, you must inform Jobcentre Plus (JC+) if you are thinking about volunteering.  You can get a copy of their “Volunteering while getting benefits” leaflet from your local JC+ office and they will also give you advice about this.

Are my travelling expenses paid?

The Health and Wellness Hub greatly values the work carried out by volunteers and will reimburse your travel expenses.  At your Induction, your Hub Manager will issue you an expenses form and advise you on the most cost-effective transport available.  Complete your expenses form each time that you travel to your Hub and hand it to your Hub Manager at the end of the month so that your claim can be processed.  Please see Expenses Policy for more details.

What if I can’t make it to The Hub?

If you are ill or have an appointment, please contact your Hub Manager as soon as possible to let her/him know that you will not make it into The Hub.  This helps her/him to plan ahead and ensure that The Hub will run smoothly.

Do I get a uniform?

All Therapists are supplied with a tunic to carry out their therapies. Receptionists are asked to dress smart and wear their ID badge.

How many hours do I have to volunteer?

Each Hub session lasts for 2 hours either in the morning or afternoon and you would be expected to work a minimum of 2 hours at one of the hubs. If you would like to work further hours, please discuss this with your Hub Manager.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

The age limit for volunteering with us is 15 years old.

I feel I need extra support to volunteer.  Will that be okay?

At The Hub, we work in a person-centred way to make sure that you feel supported to be able to do your training and your work.  We will work with you to help you reach your goals regardless of barriers that you may face.

How do I resolve an issue, concern or complaint?

If you have any concerns about any part of your volunteering experience, speak to your Hub Manager in the first instance who will try to help you to resolve the problem.  If the problem is with your Hub Manager, we have a complaints procedure in place which will support you to deal with the issue and give us valuable feedback which will allow us to improve the support we give to our volunteers.

What if one of my clients wants to give me a gift?

Occasionally, clients want to give you a gift to thank you for helping them.  Please speak to your Hub Manager before accepting any gifts and refer to our gifts policy for more details on this.

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